If you are looking to hire a REALTOR who shares your GREEN values, you’ve come to the right place.  My commitment to help every home owner understand how to become more GREEN in their home means I have also implemented GREEN strategies in my business practices:

 95% paperless systems

I use electronic signature services, digital filing, and online sharing via the cloud. This not only uses less paper, but makes the experience simpler for my clients.

Carpooling while previewing homes

By working with my colleagues to preview homes on behalf of my clients, I’m saving an incredible amount of fossil fuel compared to average REALTORS.   By seeing homes in a geographically efficient way, I’m making the most of every trip. This saves my client’s time and gas by helping them understand what homes have to offer before they even get in the car.

Paperless flyers for both buyers and sellers.

King county averages about 5000 active listings per month.  The average listing prints about 400 pages.  That’s 2 million pieces of paper used every month.   Typically, those fliers last about as long as the drive home, or they are ruined in the rain. Even if they do last longer, they are often out-dated.  Whenever possible I sign my clients up to a GPS service that sends full color photos and up-to-date pricing on any home, simply by sending a coded text message.  For sellers, I post this service on the yard sign saving countless trees in the process.

If you know anyone buying a home, that would like to save resources by using a paperless flyer system, have them sign up here: