A Green Certified REALTOR is educated and trained to identify Green Certification and Green Home Features

With each passing day, the real estate market becomes more and more complex. We live in an ever increasingly crowded world yet still expect the same services and amenities we grew up with. While individuals haven’t had to make changes; counties, cities, utility companies and other functions of government have had to develop growth plans to accommodate our growing needs and ensure healthy habitats for our salmon and other precious species we share the land with.

Builders and developers often get preferential sites if they agree to build Green Certified. In fact, today in King County over 54% of new construction is built to a Green Standard. Individual homeowners are also making changes to improve the energy-efficiency and air-quality of their existing homes.  As these new features become increasingly common, those homeowner’s who are slow to adapt will not only pay more in utility bills in the years to come, but may take a big hit on resale down the road.

Homes are no longer one size fits all.  Builders and buyers are giving more thought to not just how big a home is, but how the home works.  Trails and access to parks, high walk-scores or transit scores are becoming increasingly sought after.  The components of a Green home can be varied, from Solar PV Panels to on-demand and hybrid water heaters to low VOC paint and finish.  And while you may have never seen a HRV system before, you might want a Realtor who has and who can also explain the octopus looking contraption in the basement and why it’s a fantastic feature for your home.

This 1906 home had a HRV system added to improve the efficiency of the refurbished radiator system as well as to improve the quality of the indoor air.

This 1906 home had a HRV system added to improve the efficiency of the refurbished radiator system as well as to improve the quality of the indoor air.

Just as the food giants are running to the organic market to meet the demand, builders and developers are also running to meet the demand of the eco-conscience and energy-efficient seeking buyers.

A Green Certified Realtor is someone who is trained in the different Green certifications and what they mean, they can help a buyer identify the Green features that are important to them.  So whether their child is asthmatic and indoor air quality is of the utmost importance or if they simply hate throwing money away on inefficient systems a Green real estate broker can guide the way.  Similarly if you are selling a home, you’ll want to work with a REALTOR that speaks the same language as these emerging buyers so that they can convey the attributes of your home to the buyer willing to pay the most for those features.

I’m here for you.  I’m passionate about being Green in my business as well as being educated on cutting edge technology, whether it’s for the home or to market your home. While I am a faithful steward of the dollar and understand the importance of profitable in my business, I also believe that there is more to running a business than making a profit. My clients come first and if I can also lesson the environmental impact on our planet in the process, than everyone comes out ahead.

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