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Does your small business need a home?

Buy One, Two or all Three of these Commercially Zoned Side-by-Side Single Family Residence. Starting as low as $235,000 and within the Covington Business District, rarely does an opportunity like this come along. Don’t wait on these, if you can’t buy all three, call your friends and family and get them to buy with you. Click the below photos to learn more Finding a home for your business can be daunting Do you run a small business or dream of owning investment property? These single family homes just might be the solution you’ve been looking for. The current zoning for these home through the city of Covington is Mixed Commercial District.  The mixed commercial district (MC) is applied to the majority of the Covington downtown zone. This district encourages a mix of commercial and multi-story residential uses, public uses, and allows for large-format and auto-oriented retail, provided they meet pedestrian-oriented design standards that are more flexible than those applied to the town center district. Achieving a high level of connectivity with new and improved streets and trails is a major goal in this district. Whether you are dreaming of an in-home business, small business an investment property or even a modest home with great appreciation potential, these properties offer something for just about everyone. Buy these Single Family Homes for your business Share this:SharePinterestLinkedInTwitterFacebookGoogleEmailLike this:Like...

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Meet Mariah

Have You Met Mariah? The JanaSellsHome Team is no longer a one woman show! Mariah joined me in February of 2016 to apprentice me and my business. Together we have aimed our sights even higher and strive to soar among the clouds without ever once lowering our paramount standard of service. She compliments my work ethic with her wicked intelligence and compelling eagerness to learn. Mariah shares my passion for helping folks realize their dreams of home ownership, which kindles her excitement and motivation for a long term career. You’ll be just as impressed as I by her charming personality, adept organization, and dependability. I am excited to work with Mariah in the years to come and I hope you enjoy her as much as I do. Share this:SharePinterestLinkedInTwitterFacebookGoogleEmailLike this:Like...

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Is it better to Rent or Buy in Renton, Washington?

Both home prices and rental rates are on the rise in the Greater Seattle and Puget Sound regions. Let’s break it down in Renton and ask the question: Is it better to rent or buy in the Renton area right now? To determine this, first let’s look at the median home price in Renton. As of this February 2017, the median home price in Renton is $400,000. We will use this number as we proceed. Let’s put $400,000 into a Buy Vs. Rent calculator. My favorite is this one, from the New York Times, as it accounts for a number of...

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Who is buying all the homes in Seattle?

The market is crazy. Bidding wars and emotions are running rampant as buyers struggle to secure housing. So what gives? Why is demand so high? And when will home prices stop rising? Chinese Buyers Are Pouring in… According to Forbes magazine recent tax hikes to foreign buyers in Vancouver B.C. has pushed these international, all cash buyers into the Seattle area. In the last 15 days, 98 out of 390 homes sold with a Seattle address were all cash offers, or roughly 25% of offers.* And U.S. Buyers are pouring in too… Domestic buyers are also coming to the...

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4 Steps to Decluttering Your Home

Whether you are selling or just tackling spring cleaning, decluttering your environment always feels refreshing. Psychology today makes a valid argument that clutter causes stress in this great article, Why Mess Causes Stress, 8 Reasons, 8 Remedies Why declutter your home before putting it on market? If your home has too much clutter, home buyers will only remember your stuff and not the house. Home buyers are hoping that their new home will solve their own clutter problems. A cluttered home conveys a message of not having enough room for everything and will turn prospective buyers away. A cluttered...

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