The Nest is not only one of the easiest things you can do to improve the energy efficiency in your home, it’s also probably one of the coolest things you can do.

Tony Fadell helped design the Ipod and has now set his sights on innovation in the home.

As a REALTOR I have been in over a thousand homes in my career and the ugly beige thermostat has never got a second look from perspective home buyers.   It’s too soon to tell if the Nest will improve resale value but I got a feeling that for the investment of this cool device, you’d definitely get a second look from a future home buyer and what’s even better is what it can do for you during your own ownership.

The New York Times highlights the four radical changes that Tony Fadell brought to the innovation of this home necessity.   #1) the look, #2) Wi-fi to program through your Ipod, Ipad or Android #3) it learns your preferences and #4) it energy efficiency promises to re-coup your savings faster than probably any other energy-efficient product on the market.

Imagine if everyone did

Before staring this venture, Fadell ran some numbers. On the back of an envelope, he figured there might be 100 million homes in the U.S. Each one had between one and two thermostats — that’s 150 million. In light commercial spaces — small offices, restaurants, retail — there’s another 100 million, or so. Add 10 million more in hotel rooms. That’s a quarter billion thermostats already, and that doesn’t account for those in bigger commercial spaces! He looked deeper. Every year, 10 million thermostats are sold in the residential space alone. “That’s more than refrigerators, dishwashers, dryers; almost as much as bicycles are sold,” says Fadell. “It may not be the iPhone, but it’s bigger than most other businesses.”

I became passionate about the opportunity to cut carbon emissions in our homes when I realize how inefficient the housing stock in the United States really is.   The nest is without exception one of the largest opportunities we have to make a huge impact on our carbon footprint that makes economic sense for everyone.