She's great!The future of the Real Estate Business is changing and I’m ready for it.

This year marks the first time I’ve ever received an internet client that bought and sold a home, and it’s not just been one, it’s been several.

And these aren’t silly services that I have to pay money for me to give me a database full of names like Mickey Mouse, these are people who have emailed me directly and said, “I’ve researched you online and I want to work with you.”  (Remember when that would have been creepy?)

If  you are not lucky enough to know a great Realtor, than you have no further to look than the computer, or better yet your phone.  Services like Yelp, Angie’s List and Zillow are changing the way professionals are found.  And I gotta tell you, I love it.  My income is now in a stronger correlation to the service I provide, rather than the doors I knock or phone calls I make.  And that frees me up to spend time taking care of my clients rather than dialing for dollars.

Now not only are home buyers finding searching online for their new homes,  buyers and sellers alike are shopping online for the professional they want as part of their sales team.   And they want reviews from other users to help make their decisions.

Take a moment and post a review today, you can post a review about me, your inspector, your mortgage professional or just about anyone that you hire to work for you  You’ll be doing the world a favor by rewarding great work and making it easy to find the right people when you need them.

So go ahead and Google “Jana Schmidt Realtor”.  You’re gonna like what you see?    Or just check out my Zillow page below….



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