Curious what your home is worth but you’re not interested in selling at this time?

Our automatons at Homebot are eager to give you a rough idea of your home’s value. But that is just scratching the surface. Interested in how your home is performing as an investment? Homebot will update you regularly if you wish. Curious about making larger monthly payments? How about a refinance to a lower interest rate or pulling some cash out for some other bills?


Looking for an actual CMA (Comparative Market Analysis)?

If you want a professional, human touch regarding your home’s market value market value. We can schedule a Zoom call or an in-person meeting to go over a complimentary CMA. Only a real estate broker with their thumb on the market is capable of giving you a market price based on what would happen if you listed your home for sale right now.

Looking to increase your home’s value?

Eager to know what home improvements will give you the bang for your buck? Much of this depends on your local market and what type of improvements your neighbors have. We are here to help

Getting ready to sell?

When it’s time to sell, most homeowners will recognize a serious return on investment with simple improvements such as fresh paint and flooring. However, each home is unique. If you would like a professional to walk through your home and help you create a customized “honey-do” list that maximizes your sales price. No matter your budget. We can help. Book a meeting below.